Fog generator


What is the anti-theft fog generator and how does it work

The anti-theft fog generator is considered one of the most effective protection systems not only for commercial establishments, but also for domestic contexts. This alarm system consists of an improved device designed and built to prevent break-ins of all kinds.

Once the intrusion of the criminal inside the house has been detected, the anti-theft fog system produces a fog so thick and dense as to completely block the view, thus eliminating the probability of theft.

Thanks to the extreme rapidity with which it is activated, the anti-theft fog generator leaves no way out for the burglar, who, in a few seconds, finds himself enveloped in an intense blanket of fog.

The device contains a special liquid which, as soon as the alarm goes off, is transformed into nebulised vapour; the fogging system, in fact, consists of a boiler and a pump which are activated by input from the electronic card.

After quickly reaching a temperature of over 350 degrees, the fog emission occurs instantaneously and manages to saturate the environment, remaining inside for several minutes.

Quite similar, but with some differences, the smoke alarm is still a home protection device, but based on the emission of smoke instead of steam.

A system of this type is activated by the activation of detection sensors connected to a container from which smoke is emitted about 5 seconds after the input.

Within 10-15 seconds the smoke is able to saturate the room, making it impossible to see anything, which is why the thief is completely disoriented.

Unlike video surveillance systems, this system begins to emit very dense smoke in real time, thus hindering the criminal from the very first moments.

Like fog, smoke isn’t a toxic or poisonous substance, but it’s just a deterrent that pushes thieves to flee immediately.


The functioning of the anti-theft fog generator is very simple: inside the device there is a bag containing the liquid to be sprayed, connected to the heating boiler.

Upon electronic activation of the thermal support, the liquid reaches the service temperature very quickly (over 350 degrees) and is then expelled through the nozzles with a powerful jet.

A similar mechanism is able to function even in the absence of electricity since a battery is placed in the device.

The stages of the operation of the anti-theft fog generator are as follows:

detection of an unwanted presence inside the house by the sensors;
• activation of the boiler which immediately starts to overheat;
• opening of the bag containing the liquid;
• emission of a powerful puff of steam;
• rapid fog distribution throughout the room (it takes about 5 seconds to saturate a medium-sized room);
• zeroing of visibility due to the fog screen;
• stagnation for at least 15-20 seconds of the visual barrier deriving from the impenetrable fog that has been emitted.

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