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Video surveillance system with intelligent video analysis

Video surveillance systems produce large quantities of footage. Due to lack of time or resources, however, the videos are almost never watched or re-watched.

As a result, security breaches go undetected and suspicious behavior isn’t detected in time to prevent incidents. These issues have been instrumental in the development of video analytics.

Video analytics are applications that automatically generate descriptions of what is happening in the video. The information can then be used to report people, cars and other objects detected in the video.

Moreover, with the intelligent video analysis system, they can be used to determine the next operations. For example, security personnel can be spotted or a recording can be started.

Finally, the intelligent video analysis system includes:

People Counting,
Search Suspects,
Facial Recognition, Helmets and License Plates.

ULTRA system including the following modules:

Audio stream processing.
PTZ control.
Facial recognition.
Abandoned Objects.
People counting.
Route monitoring.
Queue control.
Unattended luggage.

With this system, then, it is possible to recognize and detect: Car number plates, fire and smoke, sabotage, high volume, fisheye dewarping, chat and network sharing.

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